Pallete shredder

Pallete shredder

We produce mills for shredding wood. We have two types in production, MILL / SHREDDER for grinding pallets, boards and other waste wood and HAMMER MILL / SHREDDER, which is used for additional grinding of wood chips to the desired granulation of sawdust for the production of wood pellets.

The mill is usually made specifically for the customer, so we can adjust the engine power and thus the speed and processing capacity of the material.

The hopper of the mill is moved back and forth by means of hydraulics and a reducer, thus feeding the material to a rotating head that shreadds wood. Granulation is determined by the density of the mesh, metal particles (nails, staples, screws, …) are removed with a strong magnetic tape mounted on the device. Such ground wood can be used in all kilns operating on bio-wood chips.

Engine power

  • Wood mill, 22-110 kW
  • Hammer mill, 30 – 150 kW